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SISCO From 9,56 €

Color: ECRU WITH ROSE 11,95 9,56 €
Color: ECRU WITH BLUE 11,95 9,56 €
Color: TURQUOISE 11,95 9,56 €
Color: TURQUOISE SISCO 11,95 9,56 €
Color: SISCO GREEN 11,95 9,56 €
Color: FUCSIA 11,95 9,56 €
Color: CREAM 12,10 €
Color: ECRU WITH ROSE 12,10 €
Color: CRUDO CON ANTRACITE 13,44 12,10 €
Color: ECRU WITJ BROWN 12,10 €
Color: ROSA BABY 13,44 12,10 €
Color: CELESTE CON PETROL 13,44 12,10 €
Color: PETROL WITH ANTRACITE 13,44 12,10 €
Color: ANTRACITE CON ROJO 13,44 12,10 €
Color: ANTRACITA 13,44 12,10 €

MODELS sisco

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SISCO Color: ECRU WITH ROSE  ecru with rose
SISCO Color: ECRU WITH BLUE  ecru with blue
SISCO Color: TURQUOISE  turquoise
SISCO Color: TURQUOISE SISCO  turquoise sisco
SISCO Color: SISCO GREEN  sisco green
SISCO Color: FUCSIA  fucsia
SISCO Color: CREAM  cream
SISCO Color: CRUDO CON ANTRACITE  crudo con antracite
SISCO Color: ECRU WITJ BROWN  ecru witj brown
SISCO Color: ROSA BABY  rosa baby
SISCO Color: CELESTE CON PETROL  celeste con petrol
SISCO Color: PETROL WITH ANTRACITE  petrol with antracite
SISCO Color: ANTRACITE CON ROJO  antracite con rojo
SISCO Color: ANTRACITA  antracita


Peppa is a collection of handmade toys and nursery accessories all made with natural materials. The toy heads are uniquely filled with lambswool which absorb scents quickly. The toy therefore quickly becomes really familiar and reminds them of home, of mummy and daddy, and all things which make baby feel safe and secure, so much so that the Peppa toy becomes completely indispensable and inseparable.

Babylonia applies the following principles:

• Workers are paid a fair wage taking into account the cost of living in the country in which they live.

• The production takes place in a socially acceptable context: not only are wages important, but also the environment, working conditions, working hours, etc.

• The trade relationship is based on cooperation, not competition: designing, selecting materials, planning, production are all transparent so that the producers know what they are doing and know the market.

• Knowledge transfer: Babylonia has introduced skills and training

• Respect for the environment: Babylonia works with natural materials, often from organic farming or livestock and produced in an ecologically sound way (eg. colour dyes used, etc.)

• Financing: very often producers in the developing world cannot self-fund the high-quality raw materials needed for production. Babylonia helps with funding for the raw materials 

• Babylonia has helped with the transfer of production: sewing machines, attachments etc...

• Babylonia has agreed continuity in the trade relationship: which means that after one or several orders, they guarantee they will not switch to another producer, for example because of the price, the manufacturer ie ensuring a continuous flow of work and thus the guarantee that his investments (eg in production or in training) will not be lost 

• Consistent prices: Babylonia ensures that the prices paid are not subject to market fluctuations, fluctuations in commodity prices, etc to ensure a guaranteed fair price

• Babylonia ensures that materials are locally produced or available locally, so that the entire local economy can benefit.

Peppa dolls, BB-SLING, BB-SLEN & BB-TAI, and the Babylonia hammockes are made with two different Fair Trade organizations in India. 
Both organizations are members of the International Federation for Fair Trade (IFAT). IFAT checks whether the rules relating to the recognition of a marketing relationship as a 'fair trade' relationship observed. 
For over two years, Babylonia worked on the development and transfer of production to Fair Trade organizations in India. A significant portion of time was invested in the training of local people.